Naval Products

Israel Shipyards Naval Products
Protecting Shorelines Around the World

National defense solutions must be durable, cost-effective and versatile enough to meet all potential threats. This is why so many Naval, Coast Guard and Border Police units secure their sea borders with vessels built by Israel Shipyards.

Israel Shipyards is known internationally for the design and construction of combat-proven naval craft, which have protected Israel's long coastline for the last 40 years. These same ISL vessels are being purchased by other nations who want the best marine defense available.

Naval solutions are created and continually improved by a "Golden Triangle" of talent:
  • Israel Shipyards extensive experience
  • Constant feedback from the Israeli Navy
  • Weapon systems produced by the world-famous Israeli defense industry.
  • Recent enhancements include improved combat payload, increased platform capabilities, new offensive and defensive weapon development, and more.

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In the late 1960s, Israel Shipyards was the first in the Western world to design and build a fast-attack missile boat.

One of the best-known ISL vessels, this sleek OPV has weapon-carrying capacity equal to much larger boats.

This ISL original design is unequaled where high intercept speeds and easy maneuverability are required.

The advantages built into ISL products are further enhanced by ISL integrated training and support.