Experience that empowers seagoing ventures worldwide.
Serving Naval and commercial marine industry for more than 60 years, Israel Shipyards Ltd is one of the largest publicly held shipbuilding facilities in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Israel Shipyards’ activities are strongly supported by its holding company ‒ Israel Shipyards Industries Ltd. ‒ which enables us to maintain the advantage and keep one step ahead of the market. Our sister companies operating within the Israel Shipyards Industries complex also contribute to the strengthening of all activities conducted in this complex. Israel Shipyards’ port, the first private Port in Israel, was founded in 2007 and nowadays the preferred gateway with loading and unloading capabilities for a variety of cargos. CIMENT Ltd. is a significant player in the Israeli cement market, which until 2016, was an exclusive market. The company built a modern cement terminal, one of the largest and most sophisticated in the world, enabling the unloading of cement ships at top speed and storing the cement in silos with a capacity of over 34,000 tons.
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Naval products

Combat-proven vessels and extensive experience are some of the reasons so many Naval, Coast Guard and Border Police units choose to secure their sea borders with Israel Shipyards Naval vessels.

In the late 1960s, Israel Shipyards was the first in the Western world to design and build a fast-attack missile boat.

One of the best-known ISL vessels, this sleek OPV has weapon-carrying capacity equal to much larger boats.

This ISL original design is unequaled where high intercept speeds and easy maneuverability are required.
More from Israel Shipyards:

The same professional pride and precision invested in ISL Naval products are applied to promote commercial shipping and port activities.

Israel Shipyards Ltd has all the facilities and skills necessary for the most challenging ship repair and maintenance procedures.

Israel Shipyards applies its design and construction capabilities to land-based challenges, building industrial structures with high-standard quality.