Ship Repair

Ship Repair at Israel Shipyards Ltd

ISL has all the facilities necessary to carry out the most complicated ship repairs and maintenance procedures:

Shipyard facilities:
  • A 3000-ton Synchrolift 100x18 m. Ship draft up to 6.5 m
  • Cranes capacity up to 100 ton
  • Dry pier works and alongside pier works
  • Independent power supply station
We do:
  • Repairs and maintenance of all vessels
  • Specialty in naval and paramilitary vessels
  • Damage repair in all vessels
  • Renovation, conversion, modification and expansion of all vessels
  • We plan and execute long term and comprehensive maintenance programs
Management: Each project is assigned with a dedicated PM

Workshops we have:
  • Electrical workshop for electrical equipment repairs, cable laying, cable wiring, elec’ boards design and construction
  • Pipe workshops for repairs, pipe bending and testing, hydraulic system, fuel, oil, water and air systems, Fire extinguishing systems
  • Well-equipped machining shop with long lathe, CNC machines, milling and drilling
  • Blasting, paint and coating. Facilities including paint hangar and sand blasting yard
  • Mechanical workshop for repairs of propulsion systems (including VSP and jets), valves, filters, coolers and all auxiliary systems
  • Carpentry workshop for wood, PVC and Honeycomb lining/ceiling works (specialty). Outfitting and insulation works
  • Preproduction workshop for laser and flame cutting, plates bending and cutting
Multi discipline engineering department for design and analysis:
  • We work with ShipConstructor (SC) SW as our main design tool
  • Hull Dep.: Hull design, installation design, strength and stability analysis
  • Electrical Dep.: Design of elec’ networks, boards, installations, cable routing and wiring
  • Outfitting Dep.: Deck equipment, compartment design and finishes, carpentry, paint, fabrics, Elec’ outfitting
  • Mechanical Dep.: Design and analysis of propulsion systems (jets specialist), auxiliary systems and lifting jobs
We are staffed by experienced and dedicated workers and managers.
We follow strict safety and Quality Assurance (QA) procedures and regulations.
Certifications: ISO 9001
Standards followed: ASME, API, DIN, LLOYDS