Industrial Products

Israel Shipyards on Land: Custom Solutions for Heavy Industry

Israel Shipyards applies its versatile design and building capabilities, along with its skilled and experienced workers, to land-based challenges as well.

The naval-standard quality practiced by Israel Shipyards over the last 60 years benefits both the military and industrial sectors, especially companies that require heavy metal structures and infrastructure.

Israel Shipyards Ltd uses its seaside location and other advantages to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness of industrial construction:
  • Large covered areas
  • Steel fabrication facilities
  • Heavy lifting cranes
  • Experienced work force
  • Certified QA standards
A few ISL industrial projects recently completed: (Click thumbnails to enlarge)

Pressure Vessels for Multi Screen Automatic Filters- Filtersafe®
Panamax and Post Panamax container cranes
Harbor construction and
cargo handling installations
Fabrication of Thermal Desalination facility
Industrial large pressure vessels
Passengers Loading Bridge at Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel-Aviv