Commercial Products

Commercial Products from Israel Shipyards Ltd
Where "Seaworthy" Translates into Profits

In the 1970s, Israel Shipyards entered the market of seagoing commercial vessels, building a series of merchant ships and floating docks that were all designed in-house. The same professional pride and precision invested in our defense products are applied to promote commercial shipping and harbor activities.

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Israel Shipyards Merchant Ships
ISL commercial ships range from 3000-ton merchant vessels to 10,000-ton container and cargo ships.
Israel Shipyards Floating Docks
ISL supplies floating docks, efficient mobile structures that are now in service on three continents.
Israel Shipyards Tugs
Due to customer demand, ISL launched a new line of tugs, featuring a unique propulsion system.
Israel Shipyards Service Boats
ISL builds service boats, special-purpose barges, and other vessels, designed to customer specifications.