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In the late 1960s, Israel Shipyards was the first in the Western world to design and build a fast-attack missile boat: the Reshef Class SAAR 4, commissioned by the Israeli Navy. At that time, it was a new concept to use relatively small, fast missile-equipped craft to meet threats in the Naval arena.
The swift action and superior handling of the SAAR 4 was cited by the Israeli Navy as contributing to the successful defense of Israel in the 1973 war.
This pioneering success eventually resulted in a second vessel: the NIRIT class SAAR 4.5, a larger, more powerful version of the SAAR 4.

Many SAAR class boats are actively serving in the Israeli Navy as well as other Navies around the world.

SA'AR 4.5
SA’AR 4.5
  • LOA (Length Over All): 62m
  • Beam Max.: 7.60m
  • Displacement: About 500tons
  • Max Speed: 32knots
  • Range @ 18knots: 3200M
Based on the combat-proven design built for the Israeli Navy, the SA’AR 4.5 is a fast attack missile corvette. With the accumulated experience of hundreds of thousands of operational hours in the Israeli Navy, the SA’AR 4.5 is the perfect solution for naval warfare.
SA'AR S 72
SA’AR S - 72
  • LOA (Length Over All): 72m
  • Beam Max.: 10.25m
  • Displacement:About 800tons
  • Max Speed: Above 30knots
  • Range @ 12knots: 5000M
The new design of the state-of-the-art SA’AR S – 72 brings next generation operational capabilities to future naval warfare.. Key features include medium-size marine helicopter operations, hybrid propulsion, and advanced combat systems ‒ making the SA’AR S – 72 the most advanced and cost-effective missile corvette available.
SA'AR S 80
SA’AR S - 80
  • LOA (Length Over All): 80m
  • Beam Max.: 11.0m
  • Displacement: About 1000tons
  • Max Speed: Above 28knots
  • Range @ 12knots: 3500M
based on Israel Shipyards Ltd. (ISL) S-72 platform, and the Israeli Navy Light Patrol Corvette– the RESHEF Class an advanced multi-roll vessel. features greater versatility and higher payload capacity, with increased weapon suite. can be adjusted with suitable systems to a missile Corvette or as an OPV version.
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Integrated Support Package
Israel Shipyards Sails with You. Support and Training Services.

The ongoing advantages built into all Israel Shipyard products, which are created and maintained by the Israeli defense industry, are further enhanced by ISL integrated training and support.

This critical combat edge is being shared with other naval forces and homeland security forces across Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Specialized research to create tailored technological solutions for special customer needs.

A full set of documentation and operation manuals is provided for each vessel, as part of the delivery.

All naval customers of Israel Shipyards Ltd can take advantage of a comprehensive package of training, logistical and technical support by ISL experts:

  • Methodical and detailed training of vessel crews by retired Israeli Navy officers
  • Maintenance team training, either at Israel Shipyards or at the suppliers of the engines and equipment
  • ISL team support on-site for long periods as desired
  • Personal, hands-on guidance until full confidence is achieved
  • A permanent Israel Shipyards service center at the customer's site, if desired
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